Running a business isn’t for the faint of heart, especially when it comes to keeping your brand spotless. Both the interior and exterior of your office or facility need to sparkle in order to make a good impression on current and prospective customers. Let the team at PROkleen help! We are experts at both interior and exterior maintenance and would love to be your ally as you promote your brand. Whether you need odor removal, window cleaning, paint touch-up, or good old-fashioned janitorial services, we are your answer in Memphis and beyond. Contact our courteous, welcoming team today to learn more!

  1. Why You Should Choose Steam Cleaning

    When done correctly, cleaning delivers multiple benefits. You not only enjoy more pleasant environments, you protect your health. The thing is, these benefits are not optional if you own a business. Whether you run a hotel or a warehouse, your property must be clean and safe at all times. Otherwise,…Read More

  2. Tips for Finding a Cleaning Service

    Are you looking for a professional janitorial cleaning service in Memphis? Here at Prokleen, we offer a high quality service at an affordable price. But don't just take our word for it; it's important to be able to vet contractors, and we would like to help. There are some tips that can make finding…Read More

  3. Benefits of Hiring a Professional Floor Cleaner

    Here at Prokleen, we are proud to offer a top tier floor cleaning service. Our Memphis janitorial cleaning service is comprehensive, and if you have a lot of hard flooring covering your building, that is one of our specialties. Flooring materials included in our floor cleaning service include natura…Read More

  4. Benefits of a Professional Cleaning Service

    Here at Prokleen Contract Services, we know better than most the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service. Some things are just better lefts to the pros, for reasons like the following. Knowledge, Tools, and Experience In the end, cleaning is a hard job just like any other. And the more so…Read More

  5. Benefits of a Commercial Cleaning Service

    Here at Prokleen, we offer a comprehensive commercial cleaning service in Memphis. Are you on the fence about whether you want to hire a cleaning service, or take care of it in house? There is a lot to be said for hiring out to professionals. Here, we would like to go over the benefits of hiring out…Read More

  6. Our Cleaning Business

    Here at Prokleen, we are proud to offer commercial cleaning services in Olive Branch, MI and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for office cleaning, warehouse cleaning, medical cleaning, or any other commercial service, then we are the people to call. With years of experience in the industry,…Read More